How to access the SD card from the Android Emulator on Mac OS

Here’s another one in the “I’m writing this down so I won’t forget it” category. When you’re working with the Android Emulator and you want to add files to the virtual SD card on the AVD, you have to mount it. To do so, hdid the the SD card image:

hdid ~/.android/avd/my-avd.avd/sdcard.img

The guts of the AVD live in a hidden folder in your user folder. Change the ‘my-avd.avd’ bit to match the name of the AVD whose SD card you want to manipulate. After that you’ll have a drive called ‘SDCARD’ on your Desktop that you can open and drop files in.

Unforunately, with this method you have to restart the Emulator every time you want to change the file. That’s not a big deal for me right now, but I’m sure it will be soon. I’ll update this post when/if I figure out how to change the files without restarting the device.

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