HTC Incredible Not Receiving Text Messages?

After a recent Android update, your HTC Incredible may have stopped receiving text messages. After an hour on the phone with Verizon Wireless customer service got me no where, I turned to the interwebs. Check out this message thread. The long and the short of is that you need to download and install a hotfix. Go to this URL with your phone’s web browser:

After the download completes, slide down the notification bar and click the file. You’ll need to enable installation of non-market apps for the hotfix to work, and you’ll be prompted to do so when you click the file. If you’re not, do Menu -> Settings – > Applications -> Unknown Sources and check it.

After you run the file all the messages you missed will download.

Here are the details of my phone, you might want to check your own before trying this hotfix on yours:

  • Hardware Version: 0003
  • Android Version: 2.3.4
  • Baseband Version:
  • Kernel Version: / htc-kernel@and18-2 #1 / Thu Aug 16 16:33:55 CST 2011
  • Build Number: 4.06.605.3 CL140944 release-keys
  • Software Number: 4.06.605.3
  • Browser Version: WebKit/533.1
  • PRI Version: 1.28_002
  • PRL Version: 52501
  • ERI Version: 5

36 thoughts on “HTC Incredible Not Receiving Text Messages?

  1. Leslie

    Thank you!!! I have been online for five hours trying everything. I had seen this, however, others instructions made me think I had to put the hotfix code in my computer and get instructions. This obviously did not work. Your instructions were clear and worked. Thank you again.

  2. amycq

    Thank you Kevin! After dealing with low storage capacity issues (and by dealing with it I mean deleting almost all my apps with plenty of real storage space available) it finally installed a system update that stopped any incoming text messages. So, right before throwing it out the window, I found your site, downloaded the hotfix and it worked! Thank you for saving the life of my phone for the time being…

  3. Chris

    Realized after a few days this week I wasn’t receiving text message on my Droid Inc. Ran this and it worked instantly like Steve said! Thank you so much!

  4. Joseph

    Kevin your the freaking man! Thank you so much! Now recieving txt msgs and recieved the ones that i’ve missed for two days!

  5. sonja

    Awesome. …It was so easy, and fast. Thanks for the link. After a few hours with verizion. I tried a few other things I saw on the blogs. But yours is the only thing that worked.thanks again!!

  6. Joe

    After spending 2 hours with Verizon and no help…I found this website….it worked!!!! Thank you Thank You Thank you

  7. Tanisha

    Thank you SO much! Verizon told me that I need to do a Factory Reset on the phone but that did not fix the problem. I am so glad that I came across this site. Thank you!!

  8. Kim

    Did this last night.. I’m receiving new messages but still never got old ones like this post said I would get.. But thanks anyway

  9. Janet

    Hi Kevin, I’ve a Samsung galaxy attain 4g & am traveling &not receiving my text messages but can send. Please let me know if this download can work for my phone also. I’m with MetroPcs & it seems like they r using sprint network here. Please help me if u can. Metropcs didn’t do anything

  10. danny

    Worked for me. Thank baby Jesus! And u too Kevin. It took 10 minutes before the old missed messages popped up but it did work. I’ve been able to get new texts as well. Much appreciated.


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